Sunday, May 24, 2009

my window to the world


If there is such a thing as appointment TV for me, it’s CBS Sunday Morning, the news magazine that covers topics that are not ordinarily thought of as being newsworthy.

As a sort of Life Magazine for TV, CBS Sunday Morning tackles topics like a 92 year-old newspaperman who delivers some of his newspapers by airplane, throwing them out the window to the front lawn. Wouldn’t it be cool to receive your daily paper that way?

Today, they had a segment on Green Day, the grunge band that I thought was from Seattle, but is really from Oakland. I got to know them a little and found out they were more than I thought. As purveyors of music that used to be the wallpaper of my life, I think I’ll listen more closely now. And, I think I’ll respect it more.

I've learned about Ansel Adams, The Harlem Boys Choir, the best cheeseburger in some little town in Illinois where people pay on the honor system and do the dishes, the largest ball of twine in the world, the private side of famous people, and a little about myself as Charles Osgood, and previously, Charles Kuralt took me on journeys of the heart and soul.

Each Sunday, they force me to take a moment to reflect as they put a camera on a scene in nature with the only voice being that of nature.

Thank you CBS.

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  1. I love that show and Charles Kuralt & Osgood are THE man (men)!