Monday, May 11, 2009

fire and rain

I was recently in Muir Woods just outside of San Francisco. It's an arresting display of nature's majesty. Some of these gargantuan redwood trees were 100 years old when William the Conquerer reigned.

What was really interesting to see was how nature sustains its balance. In areas where very little light appears, ferns are in abundance, thiving under the protective shade of their big brother redwoods. In other areas, daggers of light appear to feed those plants that require sunshine. There you will find leafy green plants, sometimes with flowers.

And, there is evidence of how fire works it magic in the forest, culling out weaker plants so that the strong may thrive. Instead of allowing excess brush and foliage to make it impossible for all to thrive, nature uses fire as a tool to cull the herd, to make sure there is plenty for those who survive.

Our economy is very much like the forest. We've gone through a long period of economic growth with almost all sucking at the teat of the greenback. Too many have offered little in return, creating an imbalance we couldn't sustain.

This recession is the fire this economic forest required. The strong will survive and the pretenders will be vanquished. When the fire is finally extinguished, we will come out a stronger, more resilient economy, with players that are ready for the long haul. While painful, it's necessary.


  1. That's pretty much how all of nature works -- it's survival of the fittest!!

    Fingers crossed we don't get burned!!


  2. I agree with you on your prognosis Tom however just like Nature, feel history will only repeat itself.

    As "Man has been known to be a creature of habit" :) you may find the following link interesting:

    type in Search: 'list of recessions'

    Under the title 'timeline of 17 Recessions' follow the link of "40 Recessions and World Crisis". -Brenda-

  3. I haven't been to Muir Woods in several years. I'm in Orange County. You made me want to make a quick trip up the coast for a visit! : )

  4. Kelly, I'm thinking we all need to get burned a little so we know how to handle it when things get really hot.
    Brenda, The scary thing about this recession is there isn't an interest rate or inflation button to push. Productivity is high. We really need to "reset" our economy to have lower expectations because to grow out of this one is not realistic.
    Twenty Four At Heart, I love Muir Woods. There's a serenity about it that has no rival in nature. I feel very small there and like it.

  5. How can you have a Muir Woods? A muir is a moor in scots/gaelic, so it is either a moor or woods, no place cannae be both.