Tuesday, May 5, 2009

my most important job

I was wandering around IKEA on Monday night and decided to get a little something to eat when my phone rang.  It was my daughter.


Something was wrong.  I could hear it in her voice, but she said all was OK in her world.  We talked for a few minutes and I asked if I could call her back.  I was in the restaurant part and really didn’t want to have that conversation with people around me.

I quickly finished my food and called her back.  No answer.  I tried again.  Same result.  OK, Dad’s getting a little more concerned. 

I was checking into my hotel room and apparently I missed a call from her.  No answer from me this time.  Finally, we were able to hook up.

She told me she was back home, at her mother’s house.  I thought she was teasing me and I asked her to put Carol on the phone.  She did.  Then I knew there really was something wrong.

I don’t want to go into specifics, but she’ll be OK.  We had a chance to talk for a little while. 

I’m going to leave the office a little early today (my office is 138 miles from my home and I go in two days a week) so we can get together to watch American Idol together.  It’s something we can share.  I just want to be with her and comfort her.  I think that might make Dad feel better, too.


  1. Tom, you're a good dad!!! I'm sure your daughter will feel better as soon as she sees you tonight -- have fun watching American Idol together :-)

    And no, I didn't think to bring my cell phone into the duvet cover with me. I like living on the edge!! ;-)


  2. It's good you two crazy kids have each other.

    You're a great Dad.