Thursday, May 14, 2009

from where I sit…

I fly a lot, really a lot. Last year, I figure I spent about 400 hours on airplanes. For most of you, that is 10 work weeks. Add the time to and from the airport and you have a significant part of my working time.

Most of the time, I grab the aisle seat, closest to the front. I’ve got to get on and I’ve got to get out. Because I spend so much time on planes, I have to get a lot of work done there.


I rarely look out the window. I’m too busy.


Wednesday afternoon, I was just tired. I really didn’t want to get out anything to work on. I woke up around 4:00 a.m. and finished around 12:30 before I went to the airport.

I decided to get out my camera and take a couple of pictures. I don’t know why. Well, I guess I do. I was in San Francisco a little while ago with a little time on my hands. There was an exhibit of photos taken from airplane seats and they looked great. So, I thought I’d take my own.

I would have missed these if I’d done my normal thing. I’m glad I didn’t.


  1. Cool shots :-) I love having a window seat when I fly so I can look out the window :-)

    The worst seat I ever had was on a flight from London to Montreal -- aisle seat about 3 rows up from the bathroom. It's amazing how many people pee on planes.

    What's with the toilet paper?!

    We say it ketchup here :-) I don't know anyone who says catsup...


  2. Glad you didn't miss these as well...

  3. Tom, love this post. As you know I share your world in the air. Last year I flew over 150,000 miles. There is a lot of art up in the sky, I'm you catured it. I took some long ago and have no idea where they are. Now you've inspired me to take more :-)