Monday, September 5, 2011

God and government…..

Occasionally, I see the God and the Pledge of Allegiance being used as a political football.  Should “under God” be in the Pledge of Allegiance as the “official” pledge of our flag and country?

I’m always suspicious of politicians who use God as their “go to” guy.  In fact, many who have diabolical ideals use God as their secret weapon.  A foundation of the Ku Klux Klan is white supremacy as a God given right.  For some reason, I don’t know that their god is my God.

Those people who crashed planes into the World Trade Center used their god as their reason for killing the infidels in those buildings. 

It makes me nervous when our country endorses God, like he’s some sort of commodity, a tool to be used to make us feel better, something to make us superior to others, something to make us feel righteous.   How does that make us different than other theocracies? 

I think we get confused as a country when these issues arise.  Should God be in our schools?  Should God be in our courts?  Should God be on our currency?  It seems, somehow, if we stamp it on a building or on a piece of paper, it makes it so.

For me, God is in my heart, in my everyday life, in nature, in my relationships.  My government has nothing to do with that, and should have nothing to do with it. 

Do I believe in God?  Absolutely!  But, I don’t want my government telling me anything about God and who I should worship, or even if I should worship.  That is my choice.