Wednesday, July 1, 2009

We’re number 37! We’re number 1!

The World Health Organization’s survey on the most effective health care systems in the world ranks the United States health care at number 37 in the world. But, there is one area where we are number one, cost.

With Costa Rica standing stubbornly in our way at 36, and with Canada hanging around at number 30, and those drug cartel goons from Columbia staring at us at number 22, our quest is number one….France.

Remember France, the place with pommes frites, the people who use lard in everything and butter on everything, the people who take forever lunch breaks with glass of wine or two, the people who seem to smoke three cigarettes at a time. Yah, them.

You know France, the country that doesn’t have an energy dilemma, with 80% of their electricity coming from nuclear generation, the country that has all of this fashion and flair as if it’s their birthright, the country that has The Louvre and bullet trains. Yah, them.

Since we’ve been told forever that fatty foods and cigarettes are bad for you, I’m trying to find out why France could be number one. And, now I think I’ve got it – soccer. That is the common link.

Looking at the list, most, if not all, proclaim soccer to be their number one sport, if not their religion. None of them are good at football. They’re good at futbol. We’re cheering for the wrong sport! That’s why we’re so sick!!


  1. I actually think the ranking is due to whether the country uses the metric system or not. Think of all the headaches that are saved when you convert by dividing by 10 instead of 12 or 16? Take the other countries that haven't officially adopted the metric system, Liberia and Myanmar...ranked 186 and 190 (last place) respectively.

  2. Cortney, I think you've got me there.