Thursday, July 16, 2009

politically incorrect


If you know me, you know I take no prisoners when it comes to teasing.  And, when I have new material to work with, it can be fun.  So, prior to reading this, understand, I AM TEASING. 

Serjio is a guy who is a partner in a furniture company in Mexico City.  As Latin people go, he is the stereotypical “Latin Lover”.  He likes the ladies.  If you watch his eyes, they focus and dart with the strides of senoritas.  Let’s just say his focus is unfocused.  

So, when he picked me up at the airport yesterday, we were doing the small talk thing when I noticed the eye movement.  He asked me how I liked Mexico.  I told him I liked Mexico fine, but I didn’t like Mexicans.  What?

He looked at me wondering if he heard me correctly.  I stood there like I said nothing, and then cracked a smile.  Then, he laughed. 

Latin men, especially men like Serjio, are very proud, very masculine, and very aware of their masculinity.  These guys are lions. 

Later, at dinner, he asked me if I liked fondue?  I told him it was OK.  And in a very matter-of-fact way, I also told him the gays in the United States liked it, too.  You talk about an uncomfortable few seconds.  And then I smiled.  Laughter.

I figured if it worked for Kathy Griffin, it could work for me.     


  1. Political incorrectness and teasing can get you into a lot of trouble Tom.

    (If I were to have choose another country to live in, it would definitely be Mexico. It and its people are soooooo beautiful (y Serjio no es demasiado malo cualquiera.))


  2. LOL....correction....'If I were to choose another country ....blah, blah, blah.

    (I'm having BIG problems with my Internet today as it keeps disconneting.
    Also since I'm back here; I hope what I stated in Mexican-Latin is correct in translation.... otherwise I will be thoroughly embarrassed.)