Tuesday, July 7, 2009

don’t mess with Lily


This is Lily. She is our General Manager at our facilities in China. And, she is one tough cookie. Don’t try to slide anything past her. It will slide right back to you with more than a suggestion to do it right next time. Believe me, it’s easier to do it right.

I met Lily about four years ago in High Point. She was working for a factory we were thinking about working with. I had a showroom a little off the beaten path. Finding it for Americans was tough enough. For a Chinese person, it was ridiculous.

She called me and asked where I was. About 45 minutes later, she showed up with a duffel bag full of samples. She dropped it in front of me and let me know she really didn’t appreciate the walk. In a word, she was spunky. I love that about her. And, I had to find a way to hire her.

Today, she’s in charge of making sure our angelo:HOME products meet the high standards of the designer. Angelo’s got no worries, because it won’t have Angelo’s name on it unless Lily says so.

She’s fearless and really feels honored to be part of this. So, when you buy an angelo:HOME piece of furniture, Lily is standing right there with you. I’m proud to have her working with me. And, I couldn’t have a better partner.


  1. ROCK ON LILY!!!!

    THANK YOU for EVERYTHING! You are a HUGE part of the angelo:HOME puzzle and I appreciate it more than you will ever know-Angelo

  2. Yay, Lily!!! Good thing she found you that day :-)

    I'm spunky too -- wanna hire me?? ;-)


  3. YEAH Lily!!!!! I'm old but I'm spunky too. The latter is just what we Canadians are....EH Kelly.
    Any openings pour moi? -Brenda-