Sunday, July 5, 2009

are we there yet?

Dread.  That is probably the word that describes the feeling at the beginning of the trip I’m on to Shanghai.  For 14 hours, I need to occupy myself and my mind.


I’ve done this trip over 20 times.  And, each time it seems to never end.  Each time, I remind myself the time will pass, just like it always has.  But, how to make it pass: that is the question.

101_0323Lunch.  One of the nice things about international travel is that the food is tolerable, sometimes pretty good.  Today, I’m having Mahi Mahi with tiramasu for dessert.  That’s a good start.

101_0324Sometimes, I just like to look out the window.  Only problem is, today is overcast, for the whole world.  This is Chicago.


I frequently check to see our progress.  As you can see, we fly way north over Canada and the polar ice cap.  We’ll then fly south into Siberia and then China. 

But, mostly I watch movies.  So far, I’ve seen two good ones.  The first was called “Fanboys”, a look into the lives of people who are obsessed with Star Wars.  Instead of making them look stupid, the movie paints a rather poignant picture of relationships through the shared love of the Star Wars movies.

The second was “Sugar”, about a baseball player from the Dominican Republic and his journey through baseball to the minor leagues in Iowa.  The movie isn’t about baseball, but an empathetic look into the lives of people who are thrown into situations where they don’t know the language or culture, but must succeed to help their families at home.  It’s really good.

101_0326I just raised the window shade for just a moment.  The clouds have cleared enough to view this, the polar ice cap.  What a magnificent view.  I’d look at it longer, but the light coming in rakes the eyes of the people in my cabin, some of whom are using their time well:  they’re sleeping! 

Oh well, just eight more hours to go.

Next movie, “New in Town”,  Starring Rene Zellweger and Harry Connick, Jr.  It sucks.  Only six hours to go.

101_0327 Siberia looks kind of desolate.  Four and a half hours to go.

101_0330 OK, now I have a decision to make.  Do I try to take a nap, or do I stick it out and try to be very tired tonight?  I’m going for very tired tonight.

I’m on the ground.  Before we were allowed to leave the plane, medical staff from the airport took the temperature of every passenger.  They are taking this Swine Flu thing very seriously here.  Once off the plane, it was less than five minutes to find my driver to take me to the factory.  More later…..