Tuesday, July 7, 2009

they didn’t even wave good-bye


There they are, already wrapped up an ready to go in their ISTA-3A rated boxes.  (I need to figure out how to get that date thing right on the camera).  They didn’t even wave good-bye.

Will they find a good home?  Will the family who gets one of these appreciate the care and love put into them?  Will they get proper care with light brushing and stain removal with water based cleaning products?  Will they be taken out of the sun so they don’t get faded?  These are the questions a parent has to know.


  1. Oh, I worry so. I hope they call from time to time to let us know they are doing well and that they're happy. I just want them to be happy.

  2. Send some to me, I promise I'll take good care of them!! :-)

    So is this the first shipment of ANGELO:home ready to be sent out?? :-)


  3. Kelly, This is the very first shipment of angelo:HOME. I'm here guiding things through to make sure everything is as promised. So far, so good.

    And, Angelo, they'll all go to nice homes; I promise.