Sunday, July 12, 2009

from the heart

If you’re feeling the least bit cynical, click on the link below.

The embodiment of class, Kevin Skinner taught me something a couple weeks ago on America’s Got Talent. 

Kevin Skinner pictures

When Susan Boyle came on the scene a few months ago, she had a decent voice.  But, it was that it came from THAT person that amazed us.  If that sound had come out of someone who looked the part, we would have never noticed, and she may not have advanced as far as she did.  

This is different.  I’ve watched the video several times.  This guy is good, really good.  It’s not a special training, but the honesty, the honesty of himself, his singing, and the way he lives. 

A guy like him doesn’t sing the music, he lives it, he wears it, he sleeps it, he eats it.

He doesn’t have to impress, because he’s comfortable in his skin.  Like an easy chair, he brings you in and makes you comfortable too.


  1. Tom I agree with you that Kevin has talent and as for the cynics; it is proof 'don't judge a book by its cover'.


    P.S: For those that are 'outside the region' and wish to view the clip, they can search:
    NBC July 2nd
    scroll down to "outside the U.S.? This UTube link shud work for you".

  2. Yeah, what's with this "outside the region" crap?? The Internet is the WORLD WIDE WEB -- how come so many video clips are only available to US citizens???? THAT SUCKS and it MAKES ME MAD!! Grrrrrr!!!!

    Thanks for the link, Brenda -- Wow, he's good!! And like Sharon said, he seems like a real genuine person. I loved his line about math!!

    Good luck to him -- and let's hope he handles whatever comes his way better than Susan Boyle did!!


  3. Thank you my "spunky" Canadian friends.

  4. You are very welcome Tom! -Brenda-

  5. tough game to win "in" but possible