Wednesday, February 25, 2009

where's my comb?

This is my high school graduation photo. I ran across it a few days ago. A lot of water has gone under the bridge, over the dam, cows have left the barn, and fat ladies have sung since that was taken. Apparently, I've also eaten a lot of meals.

Who is that guy? What's he thinking? Do I know him?

Recently, since I started writing this blog, I think I've gotten more acquainted with this guy. He had a lot of dreams and ambitions. He was brash and bold. Nothing could stop him. No mountain too high, no valley too low, no cliche too trite could keep him from his appointed task (had to throw in the mailman as well).

What happened in all of those years (I think 34 since this was taken)? In a word, life. Marriage, kids, homes, businesses, successes, failures, friendships, pets, hockey games, airports, births and deaths have all served to put their imprint on my face, my brain, my heart, my life.

This all makes me reflect on if I've delivered on all of the promise this photo indicates, make that promises. In retrospect, I've delivered on some, failed at others. But one thing this photo does is remind me to continue to strive to deliver. The 17 year-old in this picture is going to teach me a lot.

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  1. I think you still look the same. Nice suit coat and tie! I'm sure you've delivered a lot more than you think. Do we ever really know how many people we've impacted?