Saturday, February 21, 2009

this is a sofa....really!!

In the "about me" portion of this blog, I speak of making furniture that can ship via UPS. This is what I'm talking about.
A sofa, like anything else is comprised of a bunch of smaller parts. Usually, they are connected together with staples and screws to become a sofa.
What I try to do is figure out how to take all of these component parts and make them so they can be assembled to become a sofa at the consumer level.
There's a lot of stuff involved like structural integrity, style, comfort, packaging, reassembly and much more. Furthermore, since we are trying to be efficient, we try to load as many of these things as possible on a trailer or container to reduce the amount of fuel and cost used.
Why do this instead of shipping a standard sofa the standard way? Well, for our purposes, we can ship 138 sofas on a container vs. 39 built the standard way. From beginning to end, we can demonstrate a savings of over 10 gallons of diesel fuel in transit, plus reduce the warehousing space needed by 70%, plus being able to deliver this by UPS instead of a dedicated delivery truck with two people, plus the ability to strip the product down at the end of its days for recycling. I think those are pretty good reasons.

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