Saturday, February 14, 2009


Talent - Nothing is wasted more in our society than talent. Because talent, without desire is an empty promise, nothing more.

Well, tonight, I got to see talent realized. Our local high school, Fort Atkinson High School, held its 14th annual Show Choir Showcase.

Show choirs are basically song and dance troups that stage professionally choreographed events. They have a 30 minute window to set up, check sound, do a 20 minute show, and then tear down.

I put my eight bucks on the table and got a wrist band. For four hours, I got to watch kids (it's hard to call them that after watching them perform) give every ounce of their being to entertain a packed gymnasium of interested family, friends, and fans. I was and am a fan.

I am amazed by the level of commitment and the quality of entertainment. When I think about the future, I feel better knowing it's in the hands of these kids. Talent - yes. Promise - Realized.

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  1. Your posts are so thoughtful and inspiring... thank you :-)

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