Tuesday, February 15, 2011

a weekend away from home…..

For most of you who know me, I travel a lot.  And, sometimes when I travel, I have some down time away from home.  This week, I’ll have one of those times.

I’ve decided to stay out in San Francisco for the weekend, instead of traveling home.  I have meetings on Monday in Seattle and decided I would just stay on the west coast instead of flying back and forth to the Midwest.

I’m not used to down time, especially away from home, so I’ve decided to plan a sort of mini, solitary vacation for a couple of days in San Francisco.  What to do?  What to do?

San Francisco is one of my favorite cities.  For a city that is not the size of New York, Chicago, or Los Angeles, it has a lot going on.  I remember a couple of years ago, I checked the internet for something to do on a Tuesday night.  There were 87 events.  I ended up at a lecture being given by Deepak Chopra in a cathedral.

Other times, I’ve gone to theater, headed up to Napa, gone to Muir Woods, hung out in Sausalito, wandered around the many neighborhoods, and spent hours in City Lights Bookstore.   I think I’ve seen “Beach Blanket Babylon” a dozen times.   I might go again.

I love the North Beach neighborhood, with all of it’s Italian restaurants.  I just like walking up Columbus Street.  Many times I just decide to go into the first restaurant that invites me with a free sample.  I’ve never been disappointed.

But, this trip will involve going to see the Walt Disney Family Museum.  A child of the 60’s, and a frequent visitor to the theme parks named after Disney, this man shaped many memories from my youth, leading up to today.   I’ve checked the reviews of the place and they’re glowing.  I hope I don’t hear “It’s a Small World.”



  1. Good for you! An improvement over Koln where you didn't even want to visit the cathedral!

  2. Oh, I love San Fran! Good for you for having a couple of days to poke around.

    I always make it a point to wander my way over to The Palace of Fine Arts. I think I've shot as many photographs of it, both macro and micro, as I can. So on my next trip, I think I'd just sit and look at it. Love it, love it, love it.

    And Scoma's for dinner. Always Scoma's for dinner.

  3. Never have been to San Fran, but maybe someday.
    Enjoy Tom. -Brenda-