Wednesday, February 2, 2011

a promise….

Last week I went to a dinner with friends, acquaintances and new friends in the furniture and design fields.

We came from everywhere.  We all came with different resumes.  I wrote about this last week, but there is more that I wanted to convey.  This is Las Vegas dinner blog, part two.

It’s interesting to me that people who’ve never met, can find something that ties them together.  Or, maybe, that’s natural, to find something, to search, to find something similar, some common ground.

There is something to be shared in every life.  Even though we came from different corners of the world, we are the same.  Our similarities are greater than our differences.  And on that, we were able to build our bonds.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could do that all of the time?  So often, we focus on our differences.  We find reasons to be angry, to sling arrows, to throw stones.  We bisect and dissect.  We split and chop.

We watch TV and see dysfunction.  We see Jersey Shore.  We see what’s going on in Egypt.  We see anger.

I’ve always been in the business of bringing people together, making deals.  Success has always been dependent on putting myself in the other person’s shoes and delivering on a promise to improve their situation, not my own.  When I do that, my situation almost always improves.

I think the same is true in relationships.   When you give, you receive even more.  Somehow, being selfless becomes selfish.  Asking for nothing delivers everything.

So that is my message.  Be nice.  Think about the other person.  And by doing that, you will be happy.  I promise.


  1. Very true. And it is a way of being to which I aspire.

    The glitch is this: not everyone plays by the same rules. Not everyone cares about others. It's hard to think kindly thoughts toward those who are being selfish jerks.

    I ain't Gandhi yet.

  2. You have too much hair!

    By the way, I'm ain't either. Can't cross my legs.

  3. LOL! And I don't have those cool round glasses!

    I can't do that foldy-leg thing, either. I've always wanted to be able to sit like that. Cross-legged, I can do. Lotus-y, nope.

  4. Spoken like Confucius (the Chinese Philosopher.) In an earlier comment, I stated I felt you were wise and I have a feeling he would agree. -Brenda-

  5. Brenda - I think you overstate my wisdom. But, thank you for the compliment.

  6. You are more than welcome Thomas. -Brenda-