Saturday, February 5, 2011

making sense of the Wynn…

I stayed at the Wynn in Las Vegas last week. 

File:Wynn 2 (2).jpg

For those of you who have not been to Las Vegas, the Wynn is the successor to the Bellagio, the next of the super luxury hotels.  In fact, the place was so luxurious, so over the top, it made me feel uncomfortable.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I like a nice hotel.  I like a good, clean room, a comfortable bed, a good TV, maybe a nice restaurant on site.

What I don’t want is somebody offering me the unattainable, something that is beyond my understanding or wants.

Gold plated faucets and TV’s in the bathroom and matching bathrobes are nice, but they scream “You’re not worthy!”

I really don’t want to think a yogurt parfait and orange juice at $17 is normal.  I don’t want to think a $300 tab for a dinner for four is OK.  I don’t want to lose the value of how hard it is to make money and how easy it is to spend it.

So, next time I go to Vegas, I won’t stay at the Wynn, not because it’s not nice, but because it’s too nice.  Does that make any sense? 


  1. Yup, perfectly.

    But not because you're not worthy, but because (and this is my perspective on the situation, not what I read in your post) there's only so much thoughtful people can appreciate before they start thinking about what good that money could do elsewhere.

    I'm with you: I like nice hotels. (The first thing I do when I walk into a room is turn down the bed to make sure it's spotless. Likewise, the bathroom needs to be pristine.) But gross excess is just that.

    It's like people who live in enormous homes. Why, I wonder? You can only be in one room at a time. But it's not about the home, of course. It's about what they're trying to prove about themselves. To themselves.

  2. Beth,I think they all play on our insecurities, our wanting to belong to something we might see as better than ourselves. There's a freeing feeling to saying no to that.

  3. I hear you Tom BUT ... with so many floor-to- ceiling windows and an auto window washing system to clean them, someone has to pay the 'water tab'! :) -Brenda-

  4. P.S: Keep in mind we are talking the desert here. -Brenda-

  5. Brenda,
    My windows were dirty. In fact, that is the thing that seemed out of character, this beautiful hotel, gold faucets, etc., etc., etc, with dirty windows. But, I understand your point.

  6. They weren't dirty when I was there, but maybe it depends on the time of the year or which way the desert winds are blowing?????
    Who knows. :) HAVE A GREAT DAY TOM! -Brenda-

  7. I think the recession has hit Las Vegas very hard. I'm sure there have been some cuts in maintenance.