Saturday, February 26, 2011

playing a game they can’t win….

Democratic senators and union leaders have badly misjudged Governor Scott Walker.   Characterized as heartless and even Hitler, Walker is resolute in his desire to see this situation through.  He is in a winning position and he is going to use it.

Walker has already indicated that 1500 pink slips will be delivered to state workers next week, with more on the way if some sort of deal isn’t made.

If they really believe he is the Satan they say he is, it would be wise to take a different approach.  In negotiation, it is important to understand your opponent’s strengths and weaknesses.  They are attacking his strength by questioning his resolve.  He will see this through.  His weakness is there are elections next year.

Instead, they should accept his deal and keep the union intact, although in a marginalized way. 

If they continue to butt heads with him, he will continue to turn screws until he wins.  That could, and probably would, include sending pink slips to all teachers in Wisconsin at the end of the school year and then having them reapply for their jobs.  That would break the union.

Right now, there are recall petitions being circulated in the districts of two Democratic senators who are seen to be vulnerable.   The Republicans will win at least one of those recalls.  Then, the Republicans will be able to hold votes with no Democrats present.

With his current offer, the union is damaged, but still intact. 

They will have another shot in two years to reverse whatever changes have been made.  I’m guessing money would pour into Wisconsin in unheard of amounts, showing the world what happens when you mess with a union.

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  1. In the words of General S. Patton "Our basic plan of operation is to advance and to keep on advancing regardless whether we have to go over,under or through the enemy". In my humble opinion if that what it takes to curb the self absorbed ideologies of Unions that preach an attitude of entitlement; then so be it. It is time they realize it is a Domino Effect and that governmentS can no longer afford them and that they too are responsible for the outsourcing of jobs not only to private sectors but also to other Nations who are competing on the international stage.