Tuesday, March 10, 2009

no peeking....

I'm on my way to Shanghai this weekend to finalize a bunch of new furniture products for a new line to be unveiled later this year. This is THE exciting time for me.

Will it be groans or greatness? Will the assumptions on paper translate to a three dimensional piece of furniture?

When my butt hits the cushion, will it smile or snarl? Will it be electric or ordinary, or will it just plain suck? This is the apprehension I feel each time, and each time it seems to work itself out.

But, this time is special. This time the stakes are higher. This time will change the game. No pictures you ask?? You'll just have to wait.


  1. You're a tease!!!! But I know what you're up to!!!! :-D

    GOOD LUCK!! Travel safe, and be sure to update us when you get back!!


    P.S. We should get together with Angelo for pizza and jelly beans one of these days ;-)