Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I'm investing with this guy...

To many of us, this man represents what is worst in the world of investing, a shark who preyed on his own doing something called affinity scamming, taking advantage of those who are like you, those who are most likely going to trust, most likely not to investigate. He is one of you.

To me, he might be the shrewdest investor, creating returns far greater than many Wall Street lions. Bob Ruben, the guy whose name is on the currency of the United States, former Treasury Secretary of The United States, former chairman of Citibank, ran a company that could return a whopping 2% of your total principle if you invested five years ago. Why isn't he doing a "perp walk" along with Bernie Madoff? Based on today's stock quote, he'll return less than Uncle Bernie will.

AIG, the giant insurance company that is bringing the financial world to its knees, has a stock price that will return less than a penny on a dollar invested. And, instead of them all dodging cameras on the way to the courthouse, they're getting billions on top of billions of bailout.

And good old WaMu (Washington Mutual), those friendly investors who managed to take all of your money and throw it away, has a stock value of exactly zero, nada, zip, bupkus (did I spell that right?). Good job WaMu.

So, you see, if I invested my money with good old Uncle Bernie, I at least have a shot. With the others, the ones that are walking free today, I've got none. Bernie, you bring me hope.

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