Wednesday, March 25, 2009

best of show....

I went to the Housewares Show in Chicago yesterday.

Even though I work in the furniture field, the Housewares Show can sometimes bring inspiration.

Also, Pantone runs a booth with the color forecast for the coming year. I always like to double check that my thoughts are in line with what the experts are saying. Sometimes I have to train my eye to accept some colors coming my way.

Anyway, that's not the reason for this post. I'm here to write about what I found to be the "coolest" thing I saw.

And here it is, Sodastream. Sodastream is a device that allows you to make carbonated beverages without electricity. You just put water into a one liter bottle, add some syrup, fill with CO2, and shake a little and voila, you've got soda. You can learn more about it at

Now, according to the pitchman, there are no preservatives in this soda, lower amounts of sodium; he almost made it sound healthy.

As a kid, I would have killed for one of these machines. I guess I want one now. Maybe I still am a kid.


  1. That DOES sound like a cool gadget :-)

    If you want one, get one!!! Nothing wrong with being an adult kid :-)

    So whats colours is Pantone saying are in??


  2. wow, this surpasses adding the lemonade mix to the bottles of water!