Sunday, December 5, 2010

it’s personal….

Bob Woodward was a panelist the other day on “Morning Joe”, the MSNBC political show.  He was asked about what was wrong with the Obama administration.

He proceeded to talk about how he had seen the play “Lombardi” the other night.  He said there is no “Lombardi” in the Obama administration.

Lombardi was tough, a  taskmaster who thought of excuses as character flaws.  He saw failure as unacceptable.  He believed in keeping things simple, but executing to perfection.  He believed in personal commitment, a 100% effort.  Anything less was failure.

He said Lombardi made things personal.  He made blocking and tackling and running the ball and passing and catching personal.  He made it about you and your responsibility.  It wasn’t your play that let the team down.  It was you.

I thought about that for a while.  What did Woodward mean?  I mean, I like President Obama.  He says the right things.  I know he’s trying the best he can.  He’s careful with his words so he doesn’t offend. 

This is what bothers me.  He doesn’t get dirty.  He won’t commit.  He won’t confront the bully on the block.  He doesn’t have that “thing” that makes you want to play for him.  I couldn’t see him being a coach of a football team.  I couldn’t see him on the battlefield.  He plays it safe. 

He reminds me of the guy who brings the acoustic guitar to a party, the person the girls feel all warm and fuzzy about.  He’s the seashells and balloons guy Al McGuire used to talk about. 

Hope and Change will only come with personal commitment, a willingness to put one’s soul on the line, a willingness to make it about him, a willingness to lose everything over something he believes.  It must be personal.

You don’t broker that.   

It’s hard to explain.  It’s a gut feeling. 


  1. I too like your President as he certainly has charisma (charm) however in my humble as a foreigner; an example of 'charismatic leadership' would be that of President J.F. Kennedy.
    Also ...
    HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY TO YOU TOM. Hope you had an enjoyable one. -Brenda-

  2. LOL! that should have read: 'however in my humble OPINION as a foreigner'. Sorry about that Tom. -Brenda-

  3. Brenda - I'm just glad you're reading my stuff. I think I read "opinion" even though it wasn't there Thanks for the birthday wishes.