Friday, December 3, 2010

another failure….

Our house is too big.  We’ve lost our job. We’ve borrowed all we can against everything we own.  We’ve borrowed against the 401K.  We’ve put a second on the house.  We’ve run up our credit cards.  Now it’s time to sell the furniture.  Eventually, we’ll end up with a big house we don’t own, no furniture and no future.  And, we’ve made promises to everyone with no way to pay.

It might be time to get a smaller house.  But, we’ve always had a big house.  We deserve a big house.  It doesn’t matter that we can’t afford it.  And, what will the servants do?

It’s time to think of our government as a house that is too big with too many servants.  It’s too cumbersome.  It has ceased to serve us.  Instead, we have to work to serve it.

The government has the ability to make change.  In fact, they showed General Motors how to do it.  They just don’t want to do it themselves. 

Today, the debt commission report headed by Erskine Bowles and Alan Simpson failed to get enough votes to proceed to action by Congress.  This sort of failure is not acceptable.  We have to do better.

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