Wednesday, December 22, 2010

the best gift….

I arrived at the Salt Lake City airport very late last night.  I was in town for meetings with, our online retail partner.

When I reached the security area, I was struck by all of the people, whole families, holding signs scribbled with messages of homecoming, smiling, hugging, crying, loving each other as passengers filed into baggage claim.  It wasn’t a few, but many, and it was touching.

This is a time when  many can’t come home.  They are scattered about the globe fighting our fights, defending our way of life, and separated from the ones they love.  They also deserve these signs, these hugs and smiles and tears.

As we celebrate the holiday season, keep a good thought for those fighting for you. 

And, as Christmas time arrives, remember to hug those close to you.  Remember to say you love them.  There isn’t a better gift than that.

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