Friday, December 3, 2010

a friend lost….

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My dad lost a friend today.  He never met him in person.  But, he was there by his side for 162 games a year.  He’s Ron Santo, broadcaster for the Chicago Cubs.

Santo died of cancer, but that wasn’t his only health issue.  Complications from diabetes took both his legs.  He fought his disease and never complained.  He went to work everyday, even when he didn’t feel well.  He was one of the most optimistic people I’ve ever seen.  I never met him, either.  But, I knew him.  I did.

Dad has two radios, one tuned to the Brewers games and the other to the Cubs.  He just loved when Santo would groan over a misplayed ball, or a strike out.  He didn’t wear his heart on his sleeve, he put it on yours.  He made you care.  My dad wasn’t a Cubs fan, but he loved Santo.  That’s why he listened.

There’s a special place for people like Ron Santo.  For 70 years, he gave all he had.  He loved people.  He loved life.  But, most of all, he love the Cubs.  We will miss him.

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