Sunday, December 19, 2010

fathers and daughters….

I went to a football game yesterday in Salem, Virginia.  My daughter, Cortney, who lives near Washington, D.C., drove nearly four hours to see me before the game.

cortney and dad

We spent most of the day just talking, riding around, eating, just hanging out.  We were just together. 

I’ll visit her periodically when I’m on the east coast on business, or sometimes without business attached.   She comes home a few times a year.  But, in most of those cases, there’s always other people around.  This was just her and me.

She’s all grown up now.  She has her own life.  She has her own dreams.   She’s on her own. 

But, none of that changes the fact that she’s my daughter.  The fact she drove four hours to see me makes me proud, humbled, and incredibly emotional.  I’ll never forget it.


  1. Oh, that is so sweet. She's lucky to have a dad like you.

  2. Are You Frickin' Kidding Me?!

    Two Happy Erdmans. THAT is good times.