Tuesday, August 31, 2010

please, please, please…..

For some reason, it seems every time I see a press release regarding the Palin family, it has something to do with scandal or money, or just something a little unseemly.

Now, we’re finding out that Bristol Palin will be on “Dancing With the Stars”.  Now, that’s what I would expect from the Jersey Shore gang, not the daughter of somebody with the aspiration of leading the free world.

I did a Wikipedia look up on Bristol Palin.  She was named after the Bristol Inn, in Bristol Connecticut, where mother Sarah was hoping to work for ESPN.  You can’t make this stuff  up.

Now, I don’t blame anyone for taking an opportunity and making the most of it, and Sarah Palin is certainly doing that.  This is her Camelot, her opportunity to make it big time.  But, it is up to us to understand the difference between someone who is famous and someone who is qualified.

The Palins hit the mother lode when John McCain chose Sarah as his running mate.  Apparently, her ability to see Russia from Alaska was enough for him, and the fact she was attractive and unknown. 

When she unpacked those stiletto heels and leather skirt, the hockey mom from Wasilla broke out and showed us the only difference between a pit bull and an Alaska governor was lipstick.

So, now we’ve unleashed this person, this Ellie Mae Clampett with ambition.  Please, please, please, will someone bring some adult supervision to this whole thing?  

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  1. It seems that in the US, everybody wants to vote for who they think will win the election. The most popular candidate.
    That is why almost every president is re-elected, no matter how crappy he is.