Wednesday, September 1, 2010

the power of sports….

If you’ve been around me, you know I like sports.  Let me rephrase that, I love sports.  I love that there’s a result, that it says you won or lost, that the effort pays off.

I’ve coached some, and I will coach some more.  There’s not another classroom like the performance field.  In some sports, if you make a mistake, you get hit in the mouth, or worse yet, your buddy gets hit in the mouth.   I don’t recall that ever happening in the classroom without a teacher getting fired.

In sports, you need to give up yourself for success, at least the good ones do.  And, leadership is required, not optional.

Each year, when I coach, I break down each player to his or her game to basics.  I make them reach beyond their grasp.   I build them up, build their confidence, build their ability, build their IQ. 

In sports, there are no shortcuts.  Achievement is gained through sweat equity.  You can’t look at somebody else’s paper.  You can’t just figure it out.  You have to do it, over and over.  Because, unlike the classroom, your opponent is doing the same thing.  And, in sports, you don’t win by thinking; you win by doing.      

In business, I can tell the people who have played sports.  They think, act and move differently.   There’s a swagger.  They laugh from their belly.  They don’t quit, and they don’t hand off the tough stuff to others.

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