Friday, September 3, 2010

I know you’re good, but……

I am full of food, really good food, but really, really full. 

For some reason, the women in my life seem to think I’m not fat enough.  And, for yesterday, that food pusher was Judy Kessler.

Yesterday, we did a furniture photo shoot at the Los Angeles home of Judy Kessler.  Judy is a diminutive lady held together by various pieces of hardware meant to keep her from flying without going through the airport version of an MRI machine. 

She is a former executive in the television industry, a former movie producer, and author.  To underestimate her would be at your own peril.  

No is an answer that seems to be filtered by Judy’s brain to mean maybe, or even yes.  Many times she said to me, “Do you want some (notice, no question mark)”…  And most times I said, “I’m good.”  And then she would say, “I know you’re good, but”…., and then some sort of food was being ingested by my growing body.

The banter went on for hours, and each time I had to think of  how to decline this force of nature in a polite, yet creative way.  She was and is too cunning, too smart, too persistent. 

At the end of the evening, Judy won.  I ate everything that wasn’t moving.  Really, was there any chance there was going to be any other outcome?

And, at the end of the evening, I won.  I had the chance to be around one of the most interesting, smart, caring and selfless people I’ve ever been around.  Thank you Judy.

I love my life!

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