Tuesday, August 17, 2010

irresponsible intolerance….

Where is Teddy Roosevelt when you need him?  Abraham Lincoln must be turning in his grave.  Thomas Jefferson would be embarrassed to what has happened to the Republic for which they stood.

This experiment of the people governing themselves has become a self serving, sound bite, pundit driven piece of pornography in the name of the flag.

Our leaders are puny, weathermen or women who check which way the wind is blowing to find the popular viewpoint, and then sway with it.  They are more concerned about selling a book, about getting the vote, getting or keeping the power that will make them wealthy and self important, not defend the Constitution, religious freedoms,  individual rights, the reason for our country.

We’ve got a  half-term, former governor of Alaska driving political discourse.  We have a former Speaker of the House using Saudi Arabia as our yardstick for a moral compass.  We have a current Majority Leader bowing to the political winds because he’s in danger of not being re-elected.  Garbage!

Reid: Bipartisan Bill Holds Wall Street Accountable And Protects Nevadans

We have almost 10 percent reported unemployment, with the real number being closer to 17.  We’ve got the Gulf of Mexico awash in oil.  We have a deficit measured in trillions.  We have broken bridges and potholes.  We’ve got schools graduating fewer and fewer people.  We have a health care system that is ranked by the World Health Organization as worse than Costa Rica, and yes, Saudi Arabia.   

And, what are we arguing about?  You’ve got to be kidding!

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