Monday, August 2, 2010

new stuff……

I just got back from China.  Since I’m not allowed to get on Blogger and Facebook while I’m there, I go through a little withdrawal.

Well, it’s a new day.  I’m sitting here at the Encore in Las Vegas, jet lagged and not sleeping.    Some might think, it’s not worth it.  For me, it is.

Wright Klein Laguna

Our partnership with Angelo Surmelis has yielded some very nice stuff.  Angelo has committed himself to designing furniture that is affordable.  He relies on me to make it right.  And I rely on him to put a spin on it that I could never think of.

Sutton Top Hat Thunder Denmark Domino

In our next roll out, nothing is over $500, not a sofa, not a chair, not a loveseat, nothing.  And it all still delivers to  your door via UPS.  I love my job.


  1. I want it! All of it! I need another living room so I can have both!

  2. Welcome back Tom. Gorgeous goods! -Brenda-