Saturday, August 14, 2010

our duty….

No matter how you feel about war, no matter how you feel about the cause, no matter how you feel about our president, no matter how you feel about the enemy, it matters how you feel about the warrior.

wounded-warrior-project-logo Over the past few decades, we’ve managed to get involved in conflicts around the world.  And each time we do, there are those who pay a price for our freedom, sometimes with their lives, many times with their health and futures.

These are the people who step up and ship out.  Many times they come from conflicted backgrounds, somehow trying to find purpose in their lives.  Many times, they are legacy warriors, people whose families have committed to our freedoms over generations.  Many times, they are encouraged by a recruiter or a buddy with no idea what they’re getting into.  But, in all cases they serve for our freedom.

A few months back I was exposed to the Wounded Warrior Project at a meeting with  WWP is a non-profit with the charge of helping soldiers coming home with injuries and mental issues that cause issues realigning with society.  After this presentation, it was obvious I could no longer sit on the sidelines.  I needed to help.

I contacted and Angelo Surmelis, a nationally renowned designer about designing a chair that could represent hope, and could be the launching pad for contributions and awareness of this cause.  Overstock was already all in.  Angelo was in the second he heard about it. 

Angelo designed this chair to be subtle, with simple lines, no hard edges, a pillow with a simple yellow stripe going through it, a beacon of hope and coming home, something to hold in hard times.  We’re calling it the Hope Chair.

The Hope Chair will be unveiled the week of Veterans Day at   Even if you don’t buy the chair, support the Wounded Warrior Project. 

The people who were called to duty to protect us need our support.  That is our duty.


  1. Remember that the Wounded Warriors ARE STILL PAYING by living with the consequences from their having fought for your Continuing FREEDOM. Make sure you appreciate it for as long as you live. I do.

  2. Thank you so much for all of your efforts! What a neat way to help raise support for warriors!

  3. Happy to have found this blog, and in love with this particular effort.

    I love the expression, "Be the change you wish to see in the world." Thanks to you and Angelo for being two examples of that.