Saturday, May 15, 2010

this makes me laugh…..

If you’re really famous and do something really stupid, you’re probably going to get skewered by Beach Blanket Babylon, a cabaret style, raucous musical review staged at Club Fugazi in San Francisco.  Oh, did I say it’s been running for 35 years?


Using Snow White’s search around the world for a prince as its backdrop, this sometimes hokey,  but always funny show takes on the silliness of power brokers, famous people, and people who want to be famous with ridicule.  Nobody’s safe.


Songs and lyrics are adapted to fit whatever mess somebody’s gotten into.  Think of it as a little like “Saturday Nigh Live” meets “Saturday Night Fever”.  Watching Snow White turn from a sweet, demure damsel to a crotch grabbing rapper will make your face hurt.


But, what makes this show great is the pure quality of the singing and choreography.  Just because it’s silly, doesn’t give this show an excuse to be less than stellar on the performance side.

I’ve seen BBB maybe 10 times over the past 20 years or so.   And, it’s never failed to deliver a performance I didn’t want to tell somebody about.  And, here I am again, telling you.

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