Thursday, May 6, 2010

can somebody help Arizona?

OK, I’ve avoided this topic for fear of getting my head torn off.  But, I guess, a good head tearing off is a good thing to have…sometimes.

Arizona has just passed a law about people proving their citizenship.  Obviously targeted at the illegal Mexican population, the people of Arizona are  at the end of their rope.

This is a scenario nobody wants.  The problems are skyrocketing: deaths at the border, drug trafficking, overrun social services, and hemorrhaging budgets at the state and local levels.

For some reason, I see little men with little black moustaches saying something like, “Show me your papers."

From a distance, we can all criticize Arizona as a racist state.  People of brown skin will be subject to unwanted and unmerited searches.  People will be stopped going to church, school, work, or just moving about town. 

This is not a solution.  It is a symptom of a broken society.

I don’t have a solution.   And, while I don’t agree with what Arizona is doing, I don’t have anything better to offer.

Here’s hoping somebody smarter than me will come up with a winning plan.  Until, I guess I’ll keep my mouth shut.

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  1. It's so refreshing to read a blog full of common sense! That seems to be as rare as a male calico cat these days.

    What I wonder is why the government doesn't heavily fine the employers who hire illegals. No jobs, no immigrants. Instead, they guard the impossibly long border and make silly laws that have to be discriminatory. I recommended that a long time ago on a radio talk-show where the guest was Mario Cuomo (spelling?) and he said, "That makes too much sense, it will never happen." Sigh.

    Nice blog. I'm conservative, too, but voted for Obama, fear Sarah Palin and all the extremists on both sides. It's looking kind of scary out there.

    Keep blogging!