Saturday, May 8, 2010

the apple way…..


On Friday afternoon, I was in the Keystone Mall in Indianapolis.  Things seemed very normal, until, that is, I walked past the Apple Store.

It looked like there was a party going on.  There was a buzz that could be heard down the corridors of the mall.  Instead of seeing the normal few people wandering in and out, this space was crowded to the point that people were spilling out to tables and chairs in the common areas.

What is it that Apple knows that causes this sort of allegiance?  In a word, excellence.  When everyone else is chasing the customer, the customer is chasing Apple.

Apple has invented need.  The iPod, iPhone, and now iPad have revolutionized the way people live and communicate with one another.

They have also revolutionized how to treat the customer.  Instead of selling,   they educate, feeling an educated customer is more likely to buy their product.  And, based on this picture, it seems to be working.

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