Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I must be too fat….

billboard advertising for weight loss 800-GET-THIN in southern california

I was in Southern California the past few days, and all I saw was this billboard…everywhere.  There weren’t ten or twenty, but hundreds.

Going after the most insecure, never admit you’re older than 39, stretch your face with botox, convertible driving population, lap-band surgery has found its natural habitat.

This led me to think, am I too fat?  Apparently, these signs were put up everywhere to remind me of my spare tire.  When you think of me and six pack abs, you’re thinking of the six pack I put behind my abs. 

There must be some SERIOUS CASH in this lap-band surgery!  And guess what?   They’re not going to get any of mine. 


  1. Good for you!! Society is trying to tell us something.....it IS telling us something! We need to listen to OURSELF!

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