Wednesday, May 26, 2010

a ripple in the water….

So, here’s the point of this little trilogy.  Each life is important.  Each of us makes a ripple in the water that extends beyond our little space.

With the rise of technology, our lives are changing by the minute.  Bytes turn into kilobytes, then megabytes, then gigabytes and so on.  We have the ability to keep information.

So, why does the gravestone still have the starting and ending dates, with the dash in between, and maybe a little something?   Can a whole life be defined that way, by a dash and a memo?

Could we start to remember the person below the ground in a different way,  or better yet, not bury that person under ground and have their life story told through technology?

Wouldn’t it be great to have sort of a webpage celebrating the life of someone we loved instead of death and staring at plot of grass?   Wouldn’t it be great if our family and friends are remembered by how they are connected to our lives in pictures and words?

As our population grows, there will be an obligation of our generation, and generations to come, not to selfishly take up the land where we would be buried, without regard for the needs of  future generations.

The future cemetery can be something completely different.  It could be a small building lending the proper respect, with maybe a garden and walking path.  We could look up our loved ones in a database and read and learn and remember like you might in a museum.

And then, our name could be inscribed on a wall, much like the Vietnam Memorial to leave that permanent mark that we all seem to crave.

How cool would that be?

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  1. Very cool!

    It is an interesting and excellent concept, however regardless that technology continues to advance in leaps 'n bounds you nor I will probably live long enough to see it become common practise namely due to the diversity of religions and individual preference/beliefs. -Brenda-