Tuesday, April 28, 2009

the times, they are a changing.....

As a long time furniture schlepper, I've seen change that would make another "Back to the Future" movie. Of course, when I started in this industry, the wind blew in my face both ways going to, and coming from school. Somehow, the walk was always uphill. And, of course, my one pair of shoes had more holes than leather.

In those days, we talked about how the fabric wore like iron, how the frame was glued, screwed, and corner blocked and either oak or ash, and the cushions, well they were really good. We never talked about the furniture made us feel. We talked about how long it would last.

Today is different. With a disposable society, we're now about how it looks and things more personal. Furniture is no longer about sturdiness, but more about lifestyle.

I'm one of those more sturdy, less lifestyle guys, so it's taken me a while to "get it". I think I get it now. Since I've been working with a popular designer, I've seen how people react to furniture when it reaches them in a different way than just plopping your butt down to watch TV.

I've seen that having the right furniture can change your outlook on life. It can make you happy. It can calm your nerves. It has all kinds of functions that I never knew existed.

In a meeting with a social networking expert, it was explained to me that, outside of your clothes, furniture is the next thing you touch. So, it is personal. And the things that happen on furniture are your life. So, furniture is therapy, a place to go, a place to be, by yourself, or with others. It can be a sanctuary, or a place to party.

I think I understand now that a dream doesn't start with "50% Off!", or "Everything Must Go!", or some other fake savings event with an exclamation point, but "Welcome to my home". It's been 30 years. I'm a slow learner.


  1. I totally agree -- the furniture in your house has to be comfortable and make you happy when you sit on it or lie down on it or put a glass down on it. Of course, durability is a good thing -- but not if it means that something you don't like will last you 50 years!!!

    The orange sectional sofa in our loft makes me happy :-) The colour, the design, the comfort.... now I need to find some equally great accent chairs to keep it company :-)


  2. wots the warranty, man?
    when kin you deliver it, dude?
    's dat the best price?
    yer sure on that, youse
    can't cut off another $50?

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  4. "In those days...etc"; sounds like you and I may be from the same generation. :)

    As sewing is one of my hobbies, I always compared furniture to a Fashion Wardrobe. It has design and construction elements, reflects personal taste, must be comfortable, etc. (Sound crazy? Hope not.) -Brenda-