Monday, April 20, 2009

this is how it happened, really!

So, I can't sleep. It's midnight or some hour like that and I'm flipping channels on the TV. That's my version of counting sheep. Flip, flip, flip, what was that? Was that my chair? What channel was that? Flip, flip, flip again until I refind the channel.

It's a room makeover show and they're doing this living room. Well, I'd better watch. Maybe they'll show it again. About 20 minutes pass and it's there again. I'm pretty sure it's my chair.

Research time. It's one in the morning and instead of counting sheep I'm doing research. What was the name of that show? How do I get ahold of these people? Found it. Send an email and see where it goes.

That is the start of the partnership of Angelo Surmelis and me. It was September of last year. Just seven months later, we're about to launch a new product line, angelo:HOME.

There is a lesson in this, and that is to think in terms of the possible, to reach, to never ignore your instincts. You never know when it might happen. Opportunities happen at all times, not just when you're punched in. The night I couldn't sleep changed my life. So, the next time you can't sleep.....


  1. Tom, thanks for sharing your story :-)

    I'm going to try to not sleep all week and see if it gets me anywhere useful :-D


  2. I continuosly preach to my children "to never ignore your instincts". (They wud tell you I sound like a broken record....or shud I make that a compact disc?) Great story Tom! Thanks for sharing it. (Note: I got your name right this time.)

  3. It's only just begun. THANK YOU for everything.

  4. You truly are an inspiration! How do you keep doing that??