Sunday, April 26, 2009

a high point

If you ever wonder why you do what you do, sometimes I do too. The travel, nights away from home, long hours, the general disruption to my life, all lead to this....lifelong friends.

My work leads me to people who have similar interests. Our dreams intersect all over the place like a road map that crosses east to west, north to south, with common ideas, disparate routes, but all interesting nonetheless.

Pictured with me are Angelo and Bob, a couple of guys who didn't know each other before tonight. I wanted Angelo and Bob to know each other because both have a passion for what they do. Both are really interesting and talented, and more importantly, good guys.

One lives in L.A., the other lives in Shenzhen, China. Neither started there. Both made a commitment to follow their own life path, their dream. Each pulled up stakes and made a go of it.

I admire the courage it takes to do that. Boom or bust, good or bad, and I'm sure sometimes a little of each, it's the journey that requires a strong heart, desire and conviction.

Tonight, we stopped for a while and had a great dinner, great conversation, laughed out loud and ate cake. And, the reward at the end of all of this is a memory of friends, good times, and a reason to go to that far away place...again. Thanks Angelo and Bob. You made it all worth it.

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  1. I wonder why I do what I do, and why I'm not doing what I REALLY want to do all the time.

    I could use some of Angelo's and Bob's courage!! And yours too, Tom -- because you obviously are not a guy who sits back and lets things come to him. You go out there and get them!!