Wednesday, April 22, 2009

changing the paradigm

I love ice cream. I love bacon (it is the perfect food, isn't it?). I love big, juicy hamburgers. I love every cream sauce ever made.

I love leather. I love sitting on leather. I love the feel of leather. I love the smell of leather.

What do these things have to do with each other? They are both indulgences. They are both wants. But, both have side effects that are not so good for its hosts.
In the case of all of those foods, these selfish indulgences will come back to haunt the body. In my case, I'm fat (a blog from earlier). In the case of the leather, there are environmental impacts that are just not great for the earth.

I've made a choice to change my life eating habits, substituting less harmful, yet still satisfying foods for the aforementioned gastric gluttony. I've also made the choice to do the same with leather.

So, I introduce you to renu Leather. Like those sugar free soft drinks that taste very close to the real thing, renu Leather looks and feels like the real thing, and actually performs better. It's supple, beautiful, and comfortable.

So, what is renu Leather? Think of it as a sort of "Leather Lite". It's made by using "waste" pieces of leather that would normally be landfilled and repurposing them as leather fiber used in this new fabric. By using these leather fibers, the suppleness and weight of the leather is retained. The leather fibers are combined with polyester fiber, allowing this new leather product to breathe and be more comfortable.

Is it like real leather? In most aspects, yes. There are two major differences. On the negative, renu Leather doesn't age like real leather. Real leather will show character over the years. There will be scuffs and mars that actually add to the beauty. renu Leather doesn't scuff or mar like "real leather".
But, on the positive, the stuff is really durable. Most people can't tell the difference between real leather and renu Leather. You can take a quarter and try and scratch it. It just won't. So, your new piece of furniture will look new longer. For most, that's a good thing.

Is renu Leather the perfect leather solution? No. But, it is a responsible substitution for something we all love. Like that extra piece of bacon, or that extra scoop of ice cream, we don't need to have everything. But, we want something good. And, renu Leather is good.


  1. What an appropriate posting for Earth Day. At least 'Renu' leather is a by-product of real leather, so unlike Ricardo Montaban's
    'Corinthian Leather' in the 1970's. SMILES

  2. The smiling cow is hilarious!!! :-D

    From your description, I assume Renu leather is different from bicast leather?? Which is also a decent substitute for leather, I think. Our dogs like to climb up on our bicast leather chairs, and there's not a scratch on them (the chairs, not the dogs!!)

    Thanks for your feedback on our blog format :-)

    Guess what?? The person I told you I e-mailed last night because of your last post has already e-mailed me back and said YES!!!! Weeehooo!!!! :-) So I made your night last night and you made my day today :-) Does what I just said make any sense at all?! Well, it will soon :-)


  3. Thanks for this - I was checking out furniture (the non-Restoration Hardware kind) and wondered what "renu leather" was. Afraid it was something gross and pleathery, this is much better!

  4. I just ordered a renu leather sofa and I am overall very pleased with the product. It certainly seems durable, and I think, is more comfortable than regular leather. I was worried at first that it seemed too much like vinyl, which we try to avoid like the plague, so I'm glad to know that it's only leather and polyester. Thanks for sharing what you know!! :)