Sunday, June 7, 2009


Norman Lear was featured on the CBS news magazine “Sunday Morning” today. He delivers a powerful message, tolerance.

archie bunkerThe creator of Archie Bunker, Lear strives to expose the fear of bigotry, that the bigot is fearful of change, change he, or she doesn’t understand, and the need to be careful that we don’t become bigoted of the bigot. Huh?

I spend a lot of time talking to people about politics, social issues, religion and all of those things you’re not supposed to talk about in polite society. But, I think that’s the only way you really understand people, how you break down walls. Impolite as it may seem, this exercise gives me perspective to understand.

Bigotry isn’t just about race, but religion, science, environmental issues, age, ideas and more. Really, how could there be global warming? It was cold yesterday. How could he know anything? He's only 10 years old. My God is the one. Your's is not.

Those of us “enlightened” people need to also understand the bigotry of intolerance of the bigot, and their ideas. They have ideas, too. And, they believe their ideas are right, sometimes very right. Huh?

Now, exactly what does that mean?

It means we must embrace the consideration of ALL ideas. That means we must talk to people with whom we disagree. We must consider why they think the way they think and find a way to understand their circumstances. Maybe they have a reason to think in a way that defies reason to us. Huh?

To dismiss the ideas of someone with whom we disagree, no matter how wrong they are, might make us....... intolerant. Huh?


  1. I think I get what you're saying -- not listening to the opinion of a bigot makes a person a bigot towards the bigot. Yes??

    It's Sunday, my brain is on auto pilot, that's the best I can do!!

    Do you remember a couple of months back, I told you that one of your posts inspired me to do something I wouldn't have otherwise done?? Well, here's the result:

    Thank you, Tom!!


  2. You are welcome Kelly. I don't know how you keep up with all of this stuff. As far as this blog, it has to do more with dismissing the bigot's opinion without truly understanding the person.

    I will visit your blog to take a look. Thank you.

  3. Tom you may disagree with me, but to me Bigotry is a state of mind whereas Intolerance is an act which brings me to the subject of Political Correctness. (A term....applied to language, ideas (state of mind), policies, or behaviour (acts) seeking to conform to authority or orthodox thought.) I have to admit, it is a big thorn in my side. Reason; how can one truly understand a person, break down walls, embrace the consideration of all ideas when the tools to do so are supressed.

    In summary, I feel if Societies practised more 'respect' towards their fellow man there would be no need for this discussion but then again perhaps I am just a Bigot intolerant of conformity and orthodox thought. :)

    HAVE A GREAT EVENING Tom. -Brenda-

  4. The more one travels around the world, the more our "differences" diminish. Especially the Third World.

  5. Brenda,

    I'm in your corner. Political correctness takes all color out of my rainbow. Differences create texture, interest, and character. Otherwise, our lives are just white bread.