Saturday, January 15, 2011

tone deaf….


After the tragic slayings of Tucson last week, former presidential candidate and Governor Sarah Palin was vilified as one of the culprits in creating the environment in which this event could happen.  Some people even said it was her fault.

While not a Sarah Palin fan, I felt the criticism went over the top, although the gun sight imagery was unfortunate at best and reckless at worst.  Her approach of lock ‘n load is not that of a leader, but a cheerleader. 

But, with all of that said, she didn’t pull the trigger, nor could she imagine what all of this meant.  She doesn’t have the imagination or the leadership skills to look down the road, to see her message in all of the ways it could be sliced and diced.  She’s an instant pep rally, but no leader.

Right after the shootings, she chose the right tone, the right message on her website.  She was gracious.  She seemed empathetic.   

But, she couldn’t help herself.  She couldn’t leave it alone.  She didn’t have the discipline to just shut up.

She had to make herself the center.  She had to make herself the victim, even using the words “blood libel”.   She’s just tone deaf. 

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