Friday, January 14, 2011

another idea on guns….

Gun control.  This is a topic that makes everyone crazy.

I live in an area where people use guns to hunt.  It’s a tradition that’s gone on for years.  And, it’s a tradition that will continue.

Generally, people who hunt are law abiding folks who shoot one, or a couple of rounds at a time.  I don’t know of any hunters who go into the woods with a semi-automatic weapon and start blasting away.   And, I don’t want to take their right to hunt away. 

Some people want guns around to protect themselves and their property.  That is a perfectly legitimate reason to own a gun.  Constitutional constructionists always use the second amendment as the basis to own and carry firearms. 

But, there is an argument out there that doesn’t make sense to me, and that is the “guns don’t kill people, people do” argument.  But, I’ll even let that one go.

Here’s my idea.  Tax the crap out of semi-automatic and automatic weapons.  Tax them as personal property at a rate that would cost more than a house.  Tax the magazines they come in.  Tax the bullets that can be shot through them.  Tax the business that sells them so they can’t afford to sell them.  Put tariffs on the imports that make them impossible to sell.  Tax, tax, tax.

That’s how we caught Al Capone.

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