Sunday, January 23, 2011

a time to work…..

It looks like our economy is beginning to stabilize.  Many companies that were bleeding red are now beginning to show profits. 

But, most companies that down sized, or “right sized” as we now say, are not hiring, or hiring at much lower levels than anticipated.  They found out they can work with fewer people, and they will.

So, this leaves us with a nine percent unemployment compensation problem.  What value are we as a society getting from those payments?  And, really, what are the recipients getting?

I believe it’s time we ask those receiving unemployment to work, not in a punitive, orange jumpsuit way, but in the skill sets that people can offer. 

I think it would reasonable to have people look at jobs that need to be done and match up people for those needs.  That’s how temp agencies work.   

And, if we ask people receiving unemployment to report for work 20 hours per week, there’s plenty of time to look for real work.  It may also be incentive to get a job.

I believe working has its own rewards.  There’s a lethargy about not working.  People lose their edge.  They lose their dignity. 

We’re constantly being told there aren’t funds for fundamental services, yet we pay people to not work.  It doesn’t make sense to me.  

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