Wednesday, July 14, 2010

a sign of the times…..

The offending sign.

If you’ve traveled over the past year or so, you’ve probably come across one of these signs that says something about stimulus money being used to fund road projects across the United States. 

These signs are mandatory for each road project that is funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act  and they reportedly cost anywhere between $1,000 and $10,000 each.  I don’t believe the low or high numbers, so something in between makes sense.

What doesn’t make sense is the need for a sign.  What doesn’t make sense is that we’ve spent $192,000,000 in the form of signs and promotional budgets to tell the taxpayers that we’re spending stimulus money this way or that way. 

We can see the road is being torn up and repaired.  We can see money is being spent on the road.  We can see our dollars at work.

Maybe the sign should say “We’re Broke, But We’re Arrogant and Don’t Care How We Spend Your Money.”

We’re firing teachers and firemen and police and we’re putting up signs. 

Just fix the damned road.


  1. Amen man!!!!! I have not seen any of these signs being out of the country for over a year. How about if that money went to pay for body armor for the troops.

  2. They do the same thing in Canada. I know of at least 6 of that type of sign in my city.

  3. The sign is not for you... it's for the cattle call "masses."

    You can blame the Republicans for this...

    because they are hell bent on trying to make it look as though Obama is the cause of our current economic situation (they seem to have forgotten the eight years of Bush giving the government away to big business).

    To that point, it is important to show Americans how the money is being used - because most only listen to FOX or Rush... so they would never hear or see the "work." AND, lets not forget that someone (An American) had to "make" the sign or promote the work... so that is even more work and jobs created (or not lost)...

    Don't get me started on "teachers" most are not very good as it is (yes, I said most)... and most of those bad apples are over-paid (again... the bad apples are over-paid)... that is another example of what is wrong w/the system - you do not get to keep a job simply because you've been doing it for a while - performance should be a requirement... but it seems teachers don't want to be held accountable... a good teacher finds a way to educate... in this country they just pass the buck - let kids slide by or drop out... our major cities have upwards of a 50% drop out rate... Then we have schools spending money on sports stadiums and swimming pools, theaters, etc. when other schools don't have enough desks/books... We had many many years in surplus... why did those schools not put money away for a rainy day? That to me is arrogant and says We don't care how you spend our money!

  4. It has nothing to do with Fox or Rush, but power. A republican would have put the signs up, too. This is just tagging by gangs wearing Hart, Schaffner and Marx. The Crips and Bloods have nothing on these guys.

  5. my point exactly... the masses would not know a good suit if it was handed to them - exactly why the sign is there... :-)

    so are you looking to get a free suit out of this - for the free plug you gave them?

    That is the American way you know... :-)

  6. We here in Canada must be sharing the same drinking water, as we too are all nuts up here. :)

    No Democrats or Republicans but we have similar signs. -Brenda-