Sunday, June 20, 2010

my example of what a man should be…

He’s maybe five foot-six.  But, he’s the tallest man I know.  He’s my dad.

Dad is 89 years-old.  He can’t hear the way he used to.  He almost can’t see at all.  But, he’s aware, and he’s razor sharp.

He has an opinion, and he’ll let you know how he feels.  He doesn’t care if you disagree.  He’s not looking for your approval.  He’s a person who’s willing to stand alone if he feels it’s right. 

But, in my life, he’s stood by me.  He’s been a rock.  He’s been a mentor, with simple advice to complex issues.  In his mind, there’s a right way and a wrong way.

He never had a “big” job or a “big” life.  But, he’s respected by everyone.  I’ve never heard anyone say anything but good about my dad.  Never, not once, have I ever felt he’s cheated his family in any way.

That’s my example.  That’s my dad.  Simple, direct, right between the eyes.  What an example.

Happy Father’s Day, Dad.   


  1. Lovely tribute to your Father, Tom.

    Enjoyed reading it. -Brenda-

  2. Tom, I would love to somehow get to meet your father. Your writings about him, and his impact on your life is very profound reading for me. He seems like the father I've always dreamed of.