Tuesday, June 8, 2010

are you serious?

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Recently, I’ve been seeing ads from Taco Bell touting a $2 meal deal.  The deal consists of an entree (taco, or burrito), Doritos and a medium drink.

This is in response, I’m sure, to the five, five dollar footlong at Subway, the Dollar Menu at McDonald’s, and all of those other deals to bring you in to buy their brand of fast food over others.

If you know me, I love to find the deals and then try them out.  Las Vegas  used to be like a playground for me, not for the gambling, but all of the impossible meal deals offered by the restaurants.

Once, I went to the Westward Ho, an old style casino, where they advertised a three quarter pound hotdog for $1.50 and a 32 ounce margarita for $.99. 

To watch people eating this wiener that is this long, well, it changed from a hot dog to a porn dog within seconds.  I’ll let you and your imagination figure that out.  The margarita was extraordinary and the hot dog; I couldn’t finish it.

Las Vegas is famous for its shrimp cocktail specials, steak deals, cheap breakfasts, all of that stuff.  And, I think I’ve tried them all.  And, for the most part, I’ve not been disappointed. 

So, when Taco Bell came out with this $2 thing, I had to go. 

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I added up the individual items.  The drink was on the menu board at $1.69.  The burrito was $1.29.  I’m guessing the chips would have been $.79 if they would have been up there.  $3.77 for two bucks?  Are you serious?

Apparently, they are.

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