Thursday, July 28, 2011

playing politics…….

David Copperfield would have trouble following the sleight of hand going on in the budget debates going on in Washington, D.C. 

With an Armegeddon date of August 2, markets are failing, the dollar is falling, the economy is listing, and people are wondering about their futures, while our “leaders” play political chicken.

So, while our “leaders” are spending all of their time sending messages back home, that they’re very serious about spending cuts, deficit reduction, and taxes, they’re all winking and nodding, knowing the end result will be a debt ceiling extension. 

People are dying in other countries defending our freedom.  People are losing their homes.  People are losing their jobs.  We are losing our respect throughout the world. 

But, the very most important part of this is that our politicians get re-elected, that they can say the fought the good fight, that it’s not their fault, that it’s the other guy who’s the bad guy, that they are worthy of my vote.

Thomas Jefferson must be very proud.

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