Wednesday, November 10, 2010

honor our heroes….

Nothing in my life will ever measure up to the sacrifice of Sgt. Neil Duncan. 

I met Neil at a conference at last March.  In speaking with him, you’d never know he gave up two legs, and years of his life in rehabilitation as a result of his defense of this country.  He moves briskly.  His halting walk tells something of his tale, but not nearly all of it. 

He doesn’t want to thought of as handicapped.  He won’t park in those special spaces.  He refuses to give up on being normal.  He won’t give in.  He climbs mountains and runs marathons on prosthetic legs. 

Neil is anything but normal.  He is more.  He refuses to be the victim.  He will be the victor.  Take a look at  his video at

After that meeting, our company, Handy Living made a decision to support the Wounded Warriors Project.  It was really no decision at all.  It was our duty.

We may all have differing opinions on war and its cost.  But, we cannot do anything but support our veterans. 

On this Veterans Day, take a moment to reflect on how these heroes have made our lives possible. 

Thank you. 

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